Obama for Illegal Unlock Mobile Phone Status?

10 Dec 2013

Making jailbreak iPhone illegal is the secret plan of the White House, according to the most recent news. The administration of Barack Obama is rumored to support illegal unlock mobile phone act while pretending to be on the side of iPhone users who wish to get freedom for unlocking and jailbreaking gadgets they purchase.

Obama Unlock Mobile Phone

The idea to call phone unlock service illegal in the U.S. appeared last year and was implemented in the beginning of 2013. Since a lot of people were against such a decision they signed a petition trying to return unlocking legal status back. The petition got over 100,000 signatures. No one likes when his or her freedom is limited. Customers who paid for their device and contract wish to finally get a chance to get rid of all restrictions and switch between networks with ease.

The huge number of unsatisfied people couldn’t stay unnoticed. The White House was acknowledged about the petition and the administration of Obama agreed that unlocking had to be legal. It looks like this was a misleading message to all the fans of jailbreaking and unlock services.

The Slate is reporting that U.S. administration is actually against the unlocks and wants to make it illegal to unlock mobile phone and jailbreak iphone illegal by international law. Both services are popular these days as consumers don’t like to stay limited after buying expensive technology from Apple and other companies.

The illegal status will mean that you can unlock / jailbreak under any circumstances if you live in the United States. Still the whole thing about the Obama Administration being involved in Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty is just negotiations. The situation can be saved if we all speak up against this treaty and explain to the U.S. leaders how exactly gadgets work in terms of unlocking and jailbreaking. Hopefully this will not become the reality and we’ll get an opportunity to freely decide whether we want to unlock our smartphone or not.


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